Lisa Sheets Art
Works on Paper


Can I Hide It That Well
Collage w/ collagraph and transfer printing
and acrylic on paper

Collage, Rubber Stamping, found
commercial printing plate, Acrylic
on paper. Edition of 2

Who Is She IV
Collage, Transfer, Collagraph printing,
and Acrylic on paper.

Her Plan
Collage & Acrylic on Paper

Collage on Paper

Collage on Paper

Collage on Paper

My Wife Won't Let Me
Collage on Paper

The Body Speaks
Collage on Paper

Sustenance of the Iconoclasts
Collage on Paper

Collage & Acrylic on Paper

Feeling My Way To Safety
Collage, Backward Journal Writing,
Xerox Transfer, Acrylic on Paper

Collage on Paper
32" x 15"

Inside the Lines
Collage, Collagraph & Acrylic on Paper

The Fissure
Collage, Collagraph & Acrylic on Paper
30" x 22"

Her Diptych
Collage on Paper
20" x 26"

Her Secret
Collage & Acrylic on Paper
20" x 26"

Her History
Collage, Collagraph, & Acrylic on Paper
29" x 21"

Collage, Collagraph & Acrylic on Paper
14" x 21"

Who is She II
Collage, Collagraph, Colored Pencil & Acrylic on Paper
25" x 31"

Mixed Media Collage on Paper
12" x 9"

Fierce (SOLD)
Collage on Paper

Haven (SOLD)
Collage and Acrylic on paper

Protection (SOLD)
Mixed Media Collage on paper

Inside the Lines 2 (SOLD)
Collage on watercolor paper

Winged Trio (SOLD)
Collage and Collagraph printingon paper

Finding Someone (SOLD)
Mixed Media Collage and
Collagraph Printing on paper

Romance (SOLD)
Mixed Media Collage and
Collagraph Printing on paper

A Blossoming (SOLD)
Collage and found text on paper

Following Orders (SOLD)
Collage on paper

Lisa Pushes (SOLD)
Collage and Collagraph printing on paper
13"x10" Edition of 5

She In Between (SOLD)
Collage and Collagraph printing on paper
9"x9" Edition of 4

Better Fitting (SOLD)
Collage, Collagraph, & Acrylic on Paper
14" x 18"

Guardians-Duo (SOLD)
Collage & Acrylic on Paper
7" x 20"

Trinity (SOLD)
Collage, Collagraph Print & Acrylic on Paper
26" x 33"

Between the Lines (SOLD)
Collage, Collagraph, & Acrylic on Paper
32" x 25"

Dear Sister (SOLD)
Collage, Collagraph & Acrylic on Paper
22" x 29"

She Unfolding (SOLD)
Collage, Collagraph, & Acrylic on Paper
19" x 32"

Daydreams (SOLD)
Mixed Media Collage
7" x 7"

Her Secret (SOLD) on Paper
22" x 17"

Trust Ė Fear Ė Loss (SOLD)
Collage, Linoleum Print,
Colored Pencil, Acrylic on Paper

She Diving (SOLD)
Collage & Acrylic on Paper
22" x 30"

Desire (SOLD)
Collage, Xerox Transfer, Collagraph & Acrylic on Paper
14" x 23"

Lisa Sheets Artist Statement

These collages are my subconsciousí ongoing communication about relationships, culture, and my own life. They are autobiographical; some reflecting images of me in different roles and interacting with different historical backdrops. I enjoy the combination of religious art historical iconography, and pop culture images, to stress the sacred in our modern day life. These collages are more akin to dreams in the use of space and symbols.

After many years working primarily as a sculptor, I started making collagraph prints in about 1994. Using collage started out as simply a way to add an interesting image to my collagraph print. Over time, my collagraph prints became more and more mixed media, until they were combinations of printmaking, Xerox transfer, painting, and collage. Lately, my work is almost 100% collage. Iíve gradually been collecting hundreds of images for use in my collages, and Iím always on the look out for more. I find them in old magazines, books, and advertising flyers.

For me, creating these images is a form of dialoguing with myself about inner conflicts. Certain key images take on deeper meaning for me, like the lady diver, or the group of women gathered in a rowboat. Even the inclusion of handwriting as a part of the image refers both to communication, and to a part of our culture that is rapidly becoming anachronistic. I like the pattern as a background for my collages, and I also like to include handwriting because it is something we are losing touch with. Our computer driven culture is leaning towards typing and emailing as our main form of communicating. I still think script has a personality all its own that reflects the writer much more intimately.

While working on a new collage, I have an assortment of images all around me, which I choose from and play with. These images are never planned out in advance, but happen much more spontaneously. This is why I prefer the cut and paste method of collage over using a computer to manipulate the images. I like the physical act of layering all these different images together, until I find a fit thatís just right.